Antiques, Cookies, and Lobsters

Thursday was the U.S.Coast Guard's 226th birthday! Congratulations to the Coasties! Since Colette had the day off work, the two of us decided to take some cookies to Max and the whole crew to help them celebrate!

Max had to work most of the day, so we took our sweet time getting there. We made a stop at the L.L. Bean flagship store, with its famous giant Bean boot, and explored its multiple buildings of tempting merchandise.

Then we found a small town in which to antique shop, bopping in and out of each beautifully styled shop all along the town's main street.

This sign made us laugh! One point for hilarity, and one point for proper punctuation!

Ah! SO wonderful to hug him!

I ordered Jenny Steffens Hobick's nautical cookie cutters for my first real attempt at making classic decorated cookies. What fun! I love her blog! Click here to check it out. I also found her advice on colors really great, although I will definitely have to practice more with proportions. Click here to read her posting on The Icing Color Wheel. And I used Tessa from Nine and Sixteen's sugar cookie recipe and thought it was the way it gives you a cleanly defined edge! Click here for her recipe.

Once he was finished with work for the day, we all went to the Maine Lobster Festival, a real summertime Maine treat! It is held harborside, and features live entertainment, carnival rides, and of course...lobsters.

All too soon we had to say goodbye and head for home. Before the sun set, however, I had to pull over and snap this picture of the gorgeous Maine scenery.


  1. Sounds like a great summer outing!
    You outdid yourself with the cookies! They're almost too pretty to eat...although I'll bet the young men managed to conquer that. :)

    1. Aww...thanks. I don't imagine that they lasted too long. I can't wait to try again and get better at the color mixing and the frosting consistency.


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