Sights and Tastes of Vermont

I have a few more pictures to share from the little excursion Colette and I made to Vermont last week. 

We left early in the morning, so we could eat breakfast at The Copper Grouse, a lovely restaurant in a brand new hotel, the Taconic.

Enjoyed the porch a bit before we left there to visit some of the nearby outlets.

Later, after touring Hildene, we walked around the historic area of Manchester. Our first stop was this shop. While the sign boasted guns, there were none inside. But if Lord and Lady Grantham needed to go to a shop to be properly outfitted for "the grouse", this would be the shop! Gorgeous!

Across the street, was the historic Equinox Hotel dating from the 18th century.

We had a scrumptious dessert in the tavern of The Equinox...flourless chocolate cake with fresh berries, whipped cream, and port reduction. Mmmm.

The church across the street from The Equinox.

And what would a trip to Vermont be without stopping to admire a covered bridge (even if you're being blinded by the sun)?

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