Visit to Nantucket - Day I

As I mentioned a couple of postings ago, Colette and I took a 2-day trip to Nantucket (aka: my happy place)! Nantucket is 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, and a 2 hr. 15 min. ferry ride away from it all. We left our house when it was yet dark, in order to catch the early ferry and spend as much time as possible on the island. The ferry carries: cars, trucks, semi-trucks full of lumber or groceries or what-not, and passengers and pets.

First happy sight on the island is Brant Point Lighthouse, a familiar landmark for all who dock in Nantucket Harbor.

The inn where we were staying graciously allows their guests to store their suitcases in their parlor until check-in time, and to store them in a common closet from the time you check out until your ferry departs. That's most convenient, so you don't have to pull a suitcase all over the island and can spend every minute you can there. So the first stop was the inn.

We stayed at the Roberts House Inn, which is really a collection of separate buildings, all sharing a common courtyard with comfortable outdoor seating.  We stayed in the really lovely Gate House.

Luggage safely stowed, it was time to wander the brick sidewalks, marvel at the classic architecture, and take deep relaxing breaths, because the "real" world is now far away.

Waiting for a table for lunch at Arno's.

After lunch, we walked 30 minutes...which really took us more like an hour, because we had to snap pictures of get to "THE" bike rental shop. Some sights along the way...

Colette had specifically picked this bike rental shop because it has "the cutest bikes on the island". And I must say, there were very cute. AND they add a basket to the front, upon request. AND, as the icing on the cake, they come and pick it up from you at your inn the next day. 

The bikes enabled us to see more of the island than we could have on foot, such as the historic windmill.

That evening, we ate dinner at Lola 41 (so named for Nantucket's longitude and latitude), where I had a delicious bowl of gnocchi bolognese.

I have several more Nantucket postings to share with you: our second day, front doors, and houses and gardens.


  1. Thanks for inviting us to tag along, Kate! Beautiful sights...captured beautifully with your lens!

    1. This is Alphabetika, I just don't know how to do a proper profile so I chose Anonymous. Bwa ha! Anyway, you look mighty adorable riding a bike! Thank you for taking us along on your wonderful adventure!

    2. Alphabetika! Yippee! So nice to see you commenting! *blushes at the bike comment* Heehee!


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