Visit to Nantucket - Day 2

Our second day on Nantucket found me up and out of the inn by 7 a.m., camera in hand, to engage in my favorite island activity...wandering the quiet residential streets, studying the architecture and the gardens and all the little details of the homes. 

Colette and I met up at the inn for a quick breakfast.  Then we eagerly hopped on our bikes again to ride the cobblestone streets through town and then out to the beach at Brant Point lighthouse. We watched a group of kids sketching, the boats coming in and out of the harbor, and even a bunny hop past us and through the wild beach rose bushes.

We had lunch at the Brotherhood of Thieves, my favorite casual restaurant on Nantucket. We both had French onion soup and shared an order of steak fries.

Time for a little shopping! Colette bought herself a hat at the Peter Beaton Hat Studio. And I bought an antique mirror. Bless her heart for carrying it. And we were again grateful for the storage ability for our belongings at the inn.

Whenever we travel, we always miss our sweet golden retreiver. But Nantucket is simply thick with them. (Of course, none of them are ours, but it does help.) We stopped and petted each and every one we saw. But this one is special, and so is his owner.  We met Bear and his owner, on the first day on the island, outside one of the local coffee shops. And then when we passed again, we stopped and visited for a moment or two, and the owner expressed amazement that we were not heavy laden with shopping bags yet. Hee! Later, while bike riding, we passed them on their way home and exchanged a few nice words. And then that evening, we dined at the same restaurant (but Bear was left at home), and he laughed and teased us that we were stalking him.  On the second day, we spotted Bear up Main Street and headed up that way to say "hello" to the two of them. And then, when we were headed back to the inn to retrieve our luggage and mirror, we passed them again on their way home, and we decided we needed a picture! He asked Colette if she had a boyfriend. She laughed and said, "No," and he offered to loan her Bear, "because he's good at attracting the girls, but I'm sure he'd work equally well for boys." Haha! Bear and his owner...and our bikes...were our favorite experiences on the island!

We enjoyed the blessing of a beautiful sunset on the ferry ride home.

And now the mirror has found a place in the formal dining room...a nice reminder of a wonderful mini-vacation with my girl!


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