Simple Delights...and a Library

Yesterday was a day of simple delights. We started out, with our guest from The Merry Hearth, meandering over the backroads of New Hampshire through peak fall foliage areas, with the goal of acquiring some fresh-pressed cider.

I had heard that the cider at Poverty Lane Orchards was fabulous, so we stopped to buy some...and a pumpkin too! This stop turned out to be my favorite stop of the picturesque!

Then we moved on to King Arthur Flour to pick up a loaf of Rustique Olive Bread for dinner.

We'd eaten a packed lunch in the car on the drive, but now it was time for dessert. We stopped at our favorite gelato place, where the girls got dark chocolate (one with hazelnut and one with coffee).

And my choice was apple cider sorbetto mixed with chai caramel gelato. Yum!

We then had a leisurely stroll around the campus of Dartmouth College, admiring the historic architecture, the piles of leaves, and the scattered acorns on the ground.

The girls deposited a very content me(!) in the English literature library. Drop dead gorgeous room, old books, comfortable and cozy seating, and soooo quiet. They explored more of the campus, and I happily sat with this very view and wrote a letter to a dear friend.

And one glimpse from our ride homeward.


  1. Kate, such beautiful scenery on your adventure. That library-you wouldn't have been able to drag me out no matter how good the cider was...LOL! Thanks for the eye candy trip!

    1. Haha! Yes, I left with a great deal of reluctance!

    2. It's Alphabetika again. Oh, how I want to walk into that last scene. I want to fly into it. I want to roll around in it and never come back west! *happy sigh* Thanks for sharing your adventures. I'm thrilled that you are your beautiful daughter and friend are having such fun!


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