Autumn Decorating

Recently, I read a caption on a picture that said, "I think I need a pumpkin budget". Ha! Yes, I need a pumpkin budget! Early October arrives, and Colette and I make our annual jaunt to a couple of local farmstands to stock up on pumpkins. 

We always have to stop and visit the pumpkin hay bale man at one farm. We purchased a couple of pumpkins and some pots of ornamental grasses.

Then it was down the road to the neighboring farm for more plants and more pumpkins! I love the assortment of heirloom varieties they have here.

This one was a definite "must get".

I love how they have everything you might need at this time of year: mums, ornamental kale or cabbages, firewood, pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, winter squash, Indian corn, and more.

I've really grown to prefer pumpkins in any color except orange. That orange color sort of grates on me after a few weeks of looking at them in our home, since I really don't decorate in such vibrant or warm colors. Colette tossed one small one in for good measure though, and we chose two to go outside paired with the ornamental grasses and kale and mums. Here's our pile of autumn goodies!

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