Patriotic Celebration

Less than 24 hours after returning home from Max's graduation, we threw him a party to celebrate his accomplishment and give him a chance to reconnect with friends who have supported him through the process with the prayers and letters.

When you throw a party together when you were just out of state, you have to be really organized before you go. All the food and beverages purchased. Bags of ice in the extra freezer. And everything nautical and patriotic on hand with which to decorate! Fun, fun!

Proud Coastie mom and sisters!

-- MENU --

fire pit roasted hot dogs
grilled hamburgers
red, white, and blue potato chips/onion dip
chips and salsa
marinated mozzarella balls
sliced cantaloupe and honeydew melons
fresh watermelon
artisan sodas
Cape May salt water taffy

And we ended the night with lawn games, red/white/blue glow necklaces for the kiddos, and sparklers for everyone!


  1. Nice pics! (Wish we were allowed to have sparklers in DE!) I just had to comment on the Coast Guard t-shirts....we loved to always buy them and other items and have a good collection! It seemed to be our favorite way to "support" our Coastie! Andrea

    1. Oh yes! I can see my collection growing! AND I just bought a beautiful ruffled blouse in white/blue/orange AND a skirt with buoys on it (not to wear together though)! I'm an official Coastie mom now! ;-)

    2. Neat! My husband has a nice jacket with all those colors and it is now about 6 years old and getting quite worn. Wish we would've bought two in some things while we were near a Coast Guard store. Now I just order online, can't even remember where I ordered last. But I do have a Coast Guard flag bookmarked on my computer to order soon as mine is getting old.


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