Coast Guard Graduation

As promised, here are some pictures from Max's Coast Guard graduation ceremony! I cannot begin to tell you how excited we were to see him! After eight l-o-n-g weeks of almost no contact, the anticipation of being able to see him, hug him, and celebrate his accomplishment with him had me giddy, teary, and filled with pride!

After a breakfast hosted by the Coast Guard, we watched his company march.

Then we gathered in the auditorium for the ceremony.

And it was there that we got our first glimpse of him. As the tallest person in his company, standing at 6'6", he was chosen to carry the U.S. flag as part of the color guard. SO proud!

His grandfather, as a Navy veteran, was able to give him his graduation certificate. What a proud moment! Tears flowed!

Indescribable happiness and pride that he has chosen to serve our country!

Then we moved on into the town of Cape May, New Jersey for a celebratory lunch at The Blue Pig Tavern at Congress Hall. Congress Hall is Cape May's oldest hotel, dating to 1816. We loved it's grand and patriotic entrance!

"Fair winds and following seas" to our Coastie!


  1. Congratulations! It is so touching to see his Grandfather give him his graduation certificate! And my is he tall! (lucky!) I thank him (and his Grandfather) for his service. Andrea


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