Baby Shower Tea

A week ago, Colette and I hosted a baby shower tea for Felicity!  It was an intimate gathering of a few of her the evening...with dessert!  Photos are less than stellar (my apologies), because I was busy hostessing and enjoying myself, but I wanted to share just a few with you.

We set the table with an eclectic mix of china teacups, water goblets, napkins, and silverware.

We arranged each individual plate with the tiny desserts and had them ready and waiting in the refrigerator to serve once the guests arrived.  Each plate had: a Piourline cookie, a rabbit-shaped sugar cookie (from my grandmother's recipe), lemon mousse with blackberry and blueberries in phyllo cup, an enormous chocolate-dipped strawberry, and chocolate mousse garnished with raspberry and mint leaf.  Each person's chocolate mousse was piped into one of my antique crystal salt cellars and served with a teeny spoon.

Happy soon-to-be-mom-of-FOUR!

She had a friend visiting from out-of-state with her own daughters.  We set up a separate table in a corner of the dining room for the little girls, with their own tablecloth, cheery daffodil snipped from the front flowerbed, and teacups.

Everyone talked around the table for hours...sipping tea, admiring the cute baby gifts ( pictures of those), and enjoying having a really girly night with friends!



  1. Very lovely table setting. A wonderful idea to have everything prepared ahead of time and plated. Looks delicious. What a great idea for using the salt cellars! Just curious as to why you had a baby shower for a fourth child...a New England tradition, or just another way to have a party for friends?

  2. Actually, I think it's more of a California tradition to celebrate each baby's arrival in some way, and since we're from California, it seems more natural for us. And it wasn't a full-blown baby shower with games and prizes or large gifts (in fact, gifts were entirely optional), but just a quiet, intimate gathering. And very fun!

    1. Of course, a wonderful idea indeed!

  3. I love your idea of a dessert party to celebrate this new baby! What a lovely, feminine occasion you made of it!

    We, too, celebrate every new baby with some kind of occasion. Each new person is a gift. How can a baby ever be "old hat"?


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