Snowshoeing Treks

Lately, we've been able to go trekking with our new snowshoes.  I bought them for all of us for Christmas.  It was a little odd adding in a gift for myself, but I knew the store would be sold out if I waited until after Christmas when everyone would insist I had to go get myself a pair too.

So, with great excitement, we set off down a trail in our town one Sunday afternoon.  I took about six steps and one of my snowshoes broke.  A bolt...lost.  Fortunately, the snow on the trail was quite packed, so I just returned the snowshoes to the car and continued on foot.  Here are a few pictures from that first expedition.

Having some experience with the trail now, we knew it would be a great place to bring the dog the next time we went.  The trail was easy walking, and yet the deep snow on the sides would discourage her from bolting off into the woods if she saw something intriguing...squirrel, fox, etc.  At first we kept her on the leash, but there was really no need.  So, we let her off and she was ecstatic.  Just look at that happy face!

She'd race ahead of us, then turn around and run back for loves and pets, then race ahead again.  She must have run the trail three times over!

Fresh air.  Exercise.  Fun with the family.  Fun for the dog.  We love it!

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