Winter, My Favorite Season

For all these reasons, and so many more, winter is my favorite season:

- fluffy snowflakes that flutter from the heavens like downy feathers

- warming bowls of nourishing soup

- pristinely white landscapes

- snuggly scarves

- the comfort of a hot cup of tea when the cold is settling in in the late afternoon

- a quieting of the calendar that occurs when snow envelopes the world

- tranquil gray skies

- tracks in the fresh snow from the forest critters

- the aroma of wood smoke wafting through the air

- warming stocking feet by the fire

- the sparkle of sunshine through glassy icicles

- comfort food on the menu

- exhilarating afternoons of sledding fun with the family

- the smell of winter -- the absence of all other smells

- Sunday evenings lost in the world of "Downton Abbey"

- every excuse to indulge in wool and velvet

- steaming cups of hot cocoa swirling with gently whipped cream

- luxurious hot soaks in the bathtub while watching the snow fall

- the sleep inducing weight of cozy blankets and a warm duvet 

What do you love best about winter?


  1. I like soups too . . . and warm clothes and boots, brisk walks with no humidity, blankets on the sofa watching Downton Abbey, reading books that feature winter landscapes, seeing your breath, frost on the rooftops, cold air and cloudless blue skies. Florida will dip into the 30's this Friday they say.

  2. *Cancelled church and school because of snow storming is my FAVORITE. I love an excuse to stay home!
    *High-school basketball games in a warm, brightly lit gymnasium on a dark and slushy night: squeaking sneakers, crowd cheering, buzzers...
    *Red cardinals at the bird feeder against the glittering snow on a blue-sky day.
    *that texture of packed and broken snow which looks like loose pie crust before rolling it out...
    *cold noses
    *Single electric candles in New England home windows in the dark night
    deb meyers

  3. Excellent list, Deb! I love an excuse to stay home too! And I forgot cardinals! Thanks for the reminder! Enjoy the season!


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