A Cozy, Snowy Day

The BIG STORM came and has pretty much departed, and we spent the day cozy and snug at home.  Technohubby and Colette are down with colds, so it was up to Max and I to do the snow blowing and shoveling.  The wind was quite blustery, and it kept the snow swirling about so that it was difficult to know exactly how much snow fell, but our best guess is 18 inches!

The snow piled up against the sliding glass door...higher and higher all day long.

By the end of the day, our rock wall was almost completely lost under a blanket of snow.

In between bouts of snow shoveling, I made our once-a-year treat of cinnamon rolls.

By nightfall, the porch lights had developed cones of snow and icicles.

The cozy hour...my favorite time of day!

Max and I finished another round of blowing and shoveling.  Here he is falling backwards into the soft, super-powdery snow.  Whoosh!

Insider tip: a soak in a very hot tub and a dose of Advil after snow shoveling takes all the aches and pains away and will leave you fit as a fiddle and ready for more come morning!  Works every time!


  1. Lovely scenes. Cinnamon Rolls and a hot bath in THAT bathroom, what a wonderful reward for all of the hard work shoveling! Glad you are safe.

  2. Thank you, Melissa! I really do think the media hypes these storms most of the time. Everyone was just fine!


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