Winter Fun

We had some friends up for some winter fun last weekend! They went snowboarding with Max and Colette  on Friday. And then Saturday, we all headed over to the big sledding hill. Ever since we’ve lived here we have wanted to go to “the big sledding hill”, but we just haven’t made it over there. Sometimes an entire winter has past without us even thinking about it. Sometimes, like last year, there just wasn’t enough snow. But last Saturday, we had time, snow, and friends!

The hill, I believe, belongs to a farm. The farmhouse is on one side of the road along with the parking area for the sledding hill. We were all tickled to discover that to get to the sledding hill they ask you to use a tunnel that goes underneath the road. Really, it’s not more than a large drainage pipe, but we thought it was pretty cool.

There’s Colette, sweetly waiting for me at the other end of the tunnel. She was waiting to warn me that the end of the tunnel was just a sheet of solid ice and to make sure I safely crossed it. She knows ice makes me nervous and fearful of repeating my nasty fall of four and a half years ago. I love that girl!

Fun on the sledding hill!

Our friend owns a GoPro camera. Much fun was had with the GoPro mounted on the end of a treking pole to capture the thrill of the ride.

The laughing pile of “carnage” at the bottom of the hill. Too fun!

A very fun day with good friends!

Just on the opposite side of the sledding hill is a brand new winery. It was a fabulous place for some apres sledding refreshment…a little wine, some hot cocoa, a cheese and fruit platter…and a roaring fire. Very nice!

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