The Snow Came, and Then It Was Dark

Snow started falling last Saturday…lots of snow. Lots and lots of snow! We got twenty-two inches of snow in about 12 hours.

When we awoke the next morning, this was what our deck looked it. We had never seen it so filled with snow. And in OCTOBER! It was the warmest AND the snowiest October on record in our state.

This much snow was a new experience for our sweet, southern-born doggies. We had to trample a path for them in the snow, as it was up to the level of their backs.

Max built a gaping-mouthed snow monster by the front steps.

Our power, phone, and internet service went out at midnight Saturday night.  But we have a generator, so we could run some essentials.  But we ate dinner by the light of the beeswax candles that Colette and I dipped last year.

And we lit the front entry up with the tin lantern from Old Sturbridge Village for Halloween night. As it turns out our town (as well as all the surrounding towns) called off Halloween, and rescheduled trick-or-treating for this weekend.

The power came back on just after 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday. As always, I was kind of glad to have it come back on, and kind of sad too...the convenience is nice, but so was the simplicity.


  1. love the snow monster face! Wasn't the snow an amazing shock?

    deb meyers

  2. Yes, it was an amazing shock! It seemed like the forecast went from 8"-10" of snow to 18"-24" in a matter of minutes!


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