A Guest, Snow, and Fun in the City

Last Sunday we had a friend arrive for a four-day visit.  She's been here several times before and done lots of touring in New England already, so she just wanted to spend time with us.  We saved some leaves for her and there was a leaf-raking afternoon.

Leaves were raked just in time too, as snow fell the next night.  Our guest was thrilled!

We met up with the rest of her family (just flown in from the west coast) for dinner in Boston the night before Thanksgiving.  The city lights are so pretty, even if it's nearly impossible to shoot them in a moving car.

We parked in the parking structure nearest to the restaurant, took the elevator to the street level, and walked out into this amazing building.  Got to love Boston!

Revolving doors are always entertaining!

We ate at Bertucci's, noted for their brick-oven pizza.  It was delicious!

We were within sight of Faneuil Hall and Quincy Marketplace, and the twinkling Christmas lights just beckoned us to come out and walk around after dinner.

The giant Christmas tree drew the attention of our group.

Despite the bone-chilling wind whipping through the streets and the late hour (that clock above is incorrect, as it was close to 10 p.m.), we enjoyed each other's company and the hint of Christmas coming in the decorations on Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.

Christmas is definitely in the air!

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