Snuggled in for a Movie

Long winter nights are our favorites for snuggling in with cups of Colette's really decadent hot chocolate and enjoying a good movie. Only after compiling the list, did I realize that it is completely British. We do love our British cinema! Here are some of our favorites that we've been enjoying in the last few months. 

The Durrels in Corfu

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We adore this quirky comedy of a struggling widow who moves her family of challenging children from England to the Greek island of Corfu. Their attempts to adapt to their new surroundings, deal with the inevitable growing pains of childhood/adolescence/young adulthood, and try to keep food on the table on a shoestring budget result in hilarious mishaps. Just when you are as frustrated with the children as she is, they show their touching side and you fall in love with the family all over again. We loved Season 1, but Season 2 is even better! (Made for TV series.)

The Crown 

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Incomparable! The Crown (both seasons) just can't be beat! A fascinating look at the private and public lives of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, and the whole royal family. Sets, costumes, locales...all just stellar! It has helped us survive the end of Downton Abbey. (If you haven't seen Season 2 yet, a word of warning that there is one particularly steamy episode that you'll want to skip for family viewing.) (Made for TV series.)


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The second season is currently airing, and we can be found enjoying it every Sunday night. The series tells the tale of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. You get a glimpse at the challenges of being a young AND female monarch. The love story between the two of them is so sweet! Costuming is gorgeous! (Made for TV series.)

The Promise

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This movie came out in theaters last year, and is available from Netflix now. It's set in Turkey in the beginning days of WWI. An aspiring doctor is caught between his loyalty to the woman he is betrothed to and an unexpected romance. All this is against the backdrop of impending war and the religious tensions leading to the genocide of the Armenian Turks, which is being bravely recorded by an American reporter. A heavy subject, but well-acted, and a captivating story. 

Darkest Hour

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Currently playing in theaters and nominated for multiple Academy Awards, is this riveting portrayal of Winston Churchill. You will be mesmerized! We really did feel as though we were watching Churchill up there on the screen. It gives you an excellent glimpse inside the challenges of leading a country and the heavy weight of leadership in troubling times. I hope it wins lots of awards, because it deserves it!

Phantom Thread

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Daniel Day-Lewis is one of my favorite actors, so I was not about to pass up the opportunity to see him in his last film, even if it did mean I had to drive to Boston to find a theater in which it was playing. And I'm SO glad I did! A powerful and spellbinding study on a creative genius who struggles with his own phantoms. I would describe it as a drama/psychological thriller, which I wasn't quite expecting. And it earns BIG bonus points in my book for lots of fabric, sewing, and gorgeous costumes! (That wrap in the above picture was my favorite piece in the whole show.)

And a round of applause to the British for producing such fine cinema!

What movies have you been enjoying lately?


  1. I am watching The Crown (I hear it best to skip episode 7 on season 2 and I will!) and Victoria and love them both! Enjoyed The Darkest Hour so much too. I'm glad you liked Phantom Thread. I wasn't sure about that one. And I've never heard of The Promise but I'll add that to my list as well. I read the book based on the Durrels and enjoyed it. Maybe I'll get to that show some day. Thanks for sharing!

    1. We have very similar taste in movies! I like that! (And yes! That episode of The Crown!)

      Our favorites too!

      P.S. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response to your comment! Apparently Blogger changed how they notify me (or don’t notify me!) about comments, and I didn’t realize that your comment was there. I wasn’t trying to be rude…really! So sorry!

  2. Oh and two books I'm enjoying a lot that you might like as well are Jane Austen at Home and Queen Victoria's Matchmaking. Both are so good. :)


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