Favorite Teas

Cold winter days (and boy, have we had a lot of REALLY cold days this year!) have found me craving a cup of tea in the chilly mornings and sometimes another to take the chill off in the late afternoon.

I thought I'd share my favorite teas with you. And if you have one you really love, I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment and share the name of it! I'm only recommending herbal infusions, because that is all I drink.

Tea Forte - Winter Chai -- The spicy notes of cinnamon and other warming spices make this infusion my favorite to get the blood pumping and warm up on cold winter mornings. I love it with a bowl of oatmeal.

David's Tea - Spiced Apple -- This is a great infusion when you want something comforting to drink. It's got all those homey notes of apple and cinnamon. We first sampled this at their booth at the Head of the Charles Regatta...on a cold and damp day...so it always seems like the perfect cozy warmer to me.

Fortnum & Mason - Sour Cherry and Orange -- This infusion is sweet and tangy and a gorgeous red color. I brought this back from the Fortnum & Mason store in London after enjoying it with scones in their parlor. I don't think it's available in the U.S., but you can find other of their teas available from Williams-Sonoma.

David's Tea - Caramel Shortbread -- This was a Christmas flavor from David's Tea. I'm hoping they bring it back next Christmas, because I'll be completely out of it by then and in need of stocking up. So gentle and calming. I enjoy it with an almond biscotti.

Paromi Tea -- Hibiscus Berry -- We LOVE Paromi Tea in our home! This one is wildly popular with everyone to whom I've ever served it. It's sweet and satisfies that sweet tooth when you want to avoid a dessert, but still need your sugar fix.

Paromi Tea - Sleep with Me -- This tea takes chamomile to a whole new level. It's combination of chamomile, linden leaves, and lemon balm deliver a knock-out punch when you need to sleep. Soooo relaxing. 

What is your favorite tea? Do please leave me a comment and tell! I'd love to hear from you!

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