Anything But Black

When we moved from southern California, with its mild winters, to New England, where the winters are anything but, we all lacked in sufficient cold weather clothing. Sensibly, I made my wardrobe stretch further by centering it around the mix-and-match color scheme of black, gray, and wine. But now we've been here nearly ten years, and although I can't quite completely abandon my black turtleneck, crew neck, and cardigan, the thought of another winter wearing the same three colors made me nuts. The motto this winter is: anything but black! 

Fun prints and colors are putting a little zing in the gray and starkness of winter, and I like it!


  1. I so agree with you! I wore a bright blue top the other day and had so many nice compliments about how refreshing it looked!

    1. It IS like a breath of fresh air in the winter, isn't it? *high five*

      Our favorites too!

      P.S. My sincerest apologies for the delayed response to your comment! Apparently Blogger changed how they notify me (or don’t notify me!) about comments, and I didn’t realize that your comment was there. I wasn’t trying to be rude…really! So sorry!


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