Bedroom Update

We have been married for 29 years, and for all that time we've slept on a double bed. I've loved our bed frame, which was mine before we were married. It was the very first piece of antique furniture I ever bought...a 19th birthday present to myself. It was found on the loading dock of an antique store, covered in dust, in need of repair and someone to love it. Sold to me for a mere $75! I was dancing with joy! 

But Hubby and I are not small people. We are 6'3" and 5'9" respectively. A double bed gave each of us about as much room as if we slept in a crib. But we've done it for 29 years. The time had come for a change.

We bought a new, similar bed frame...a king size! A new mattress was shopped for. (What a racket the mattress market is. Don't even get me started!) And, the most fun of bedding!

Here's a BEFORE picture: double bed, ivory-colored coverlet, blue toile pillow shams and dust ruffle, and 19th century coverlet. 

And an AFTER picture: king size bed frame, white cotton-linen quilt, various pillows, and Kennebeck Weavers throw.

It was just what I wanted. Soft textures and an easy, comfortable feel. Classic, yet updated. 

And beyond all that, I'm doing what I've always wanted to do...have a change of bedding for the cold seasons of the year. So come fall and winter, the bed will have a completely different look...cozy and warm. I'll share pictures of that in the future.

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