The Quiet, Cozy, Rejuvenating Days of January

For years, I've taken January as a quiet month. My birthday is in January, so I can reasonably justify a little self-indulgence. Even with small children, I tried to keep January to a low hum. Tired of the errand running and shopping that the Christmas season demands, I'm content to hunker down at home and focus on the little things. This year, I also needed to concentrate on organizing our upcoming trip to Europe. And I needed to set in place some personal disciplines.

- The trip is completely planned, with just a smattering of advance tickets to this and that left to be bought and one tea reservation to be made.

- I'm working on reading through the Bible this year, and find the discipline works well with my life using the MacArthur Day Bible app on my phone.

- Colette and I started Carnegie Mellon University's online French class. She, learning French for the first time. And me, brushing off my high school and college French skills.

- Exercise. That's a bugaboo, isn't it? With Lyme Disease, I've realized that exercise can no longer fall by the wayside for me, even on busy days. It has to be a eating. Making a simple 3 x 5 card, that moves from day to day on my calendar, with boxes to color in for each time I exercise has kept me on track. Yoga - three times/wk. Weights - three times/wk. Walking - three times/wk...1-2 miles each time.

- Quietly practiced my hand-lettering skills.

- I've spent the last 10 days watching over the dog after she had surgery. She's on the mend, has been as good as gold, and her stitches come out tomorrow!

- And in the last two days, I've made a flannel baby quilt for a baby born months ago. Long overdue gift. Coziness heading to the west coast tomorrow.

Now that I feel rested and rejuvenated and set on a track for the new year, I think I just might be ready for February.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect January to me, much like my February plans. My birthday is in February. Enjoy the lovely weather we're having:-)


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