The Year's Bargain

Remember that barn sale I went to a few weeks ago? Well, when the sale expanded into the house, I was among the first group to go inside. The deep dining room windowsill was loaded with beautiful crystal pieces. It was there that I picked up this crystal rose bowl for a rock bottom price! 

I returned to that sale on the last hour of its last day to check on an engraving I'd admired (sold...drat!). I was surprised to see that despite the fact that the house was picked clean, I don't think another soul bought any of that crystal besides me. I was incredulous.

And then, last week, I found these cut crystal glasses at a local thrift shop. I paid just over $5.00. What?

Why? Why is no one buying crystal? It's so useful! It's a good thing to have serving pieces for parties, vases for flowers, candlesticks for beautiful dinners. It's pretty for holidays and teas and showers.

Ladies, keep your eyes open for great buys in crystal, because I am apparently the last person on earth buying it. And if you get there before me, the bargain is yours!


  1. I buy it with you! One day we will be happy we did.

    I suspect people see it and think "Don't want to bother being careful with that". What a pity ... It's very sturdy. but more for us :)


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