Healthy Bowls for Dinner

It's summertime and the livin' in easy! It's time for simple meals and lots of grilling at our house with an emphasis on fresh and healthy. And one of my go-to meals this summer is going to be salad bowls, which are a great way to use leftovers from the grill, or just get creative with the ingredients you have on hand.

To create this one, which I'll call the Kale Quinoa Chicken Bowl, here are the easy ingredients and steps:

- marinate chicken in Italian dressing or my favorite, Girard's Champagne Dressing, and then grill; let rest five minutes; chop; refrigerate

- make quinoa according to package instructions; chill

- chops a tomato

- chop some cucumber

- chop kale leaves until very small

- feta cheese

- Lemon Salad Dressing (recipe link here)

- (optional ingredients): leftover roasted vegetables, sliced almonds

Work with one serving at a time. In a large bowl, toss chopped kale and one or two large spoonfuls of quinoa with a drizzle of dressing. Combine well and transfer to an individual serving bowl. Layer, side by side, the remaining ingredients on top of the kale-quinoa and top with additional dressing.

Here are some other variations to try:

- field greens/kale/arugula, quinoa, leftover grilled steak, leftover grilled asparagus, ripe tomato, blue cheese, pine nuts, Girard's Champagne dressing, freshly cracked pepper

- field greens/kale, quinoa, grilled chicken, goat cheese, roasted red bell pepper strips, grilled leftover summer squash, balsamic dressing

- field greens/kale, quinoa, teryaki-marinated chicken, bean sprouts, shredded carrot, chopped cucumber, mandarin orange slices, chow mein noodles, ginger-sesame dressing

Super fresh and super healthy! Bon appetit!

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