Getting My Money's Worth

As I've mentioned before, I'm notoriously bad at keeping houseplants alive. Although, I noted with some amusement the other day, that now that we are finished homeschooling, I seem to be able to keep a dog happy and houseplants alive. (There are only 24 hours in a day! Priorities.) But this summer, I wanted something large and delicate and sort of growing with wild abandon to sit in a silver champagne bucket in the middle of the dining room table. So, I bravely plunked down about $25 on a maidenhead fern.

I say "bravely", because they are very temperamental plants. I was warned at the nursery not to let it ever dry out. Well there's a full-time job! But I read online that you can't over water it either. And I shouldn't let sunlight ever hit it. And it can't bear it if heat or air conditioning hit it. This was going to be a challenge.

Well, I'm happy to report that it's lived here almost two months now, and it's still alive! I can't picture it staying there in the autumn or winter, so it may have to go live in the master bath then. If it makes it through the summer in its present location, I will have gotten my money's worth...because it's large and delicate and growing with wild abandon.


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