Summer Cooking Inspiration

Recently, we were having a family discussion centered around the question, "Which was your favorite family vacation?" As a family, we've seen most of the 50 states, so there were some great trips from which to choose. For two of us, the answer was our Lewis & Clark trip.

In the year 2000, we spent three weeks traveling the closest modern equivalent to the Lewis & Clark Trail from Missouri to the Pacific. We also made side trips to Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada. Mostly, we traveled on the cheap and stayed in KOA Kamping Kabins and fixed meals from fixings in our ice chest and served and ate them while driving down the road. But when we got to the those national parks, we splurged on rooms in their great lodges (booked a year in advance!) and dined in their dining rooms. The sweeping western vistas of Montana and the memory of real meals and table linens after weeks of PBJ sandwiches and Nutrigrain bar breakfasts, co-mingle in my memory to make those meals in the Big Sky state the epitome of a fine summer meal to me!

Each year, I draw summer meal planning inspiration from one or two particular cookbooks. And this year, it is this one...

That chicken recipe, pictured on the cover, is on the menu this week!

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