The Last Bits of Cold Weather Treats

It's been a chilly spring here in New England. I think we might be rounding a corner to sunnier, warmer days. But while we've still been bundled up in wool sweaters and confined indoors by the rain, we've been indulging in the last of the cold weather treats. This winter, we discovered stroopwafels! They are a Dutch treat...two, thin, crispy waffle layers between which is sandwiched a layer of caramel.

You can eat them straight from the package or tin, but the proper way to eat them is to set one atop a cup of hot tea (or coffee or hot cocoa) for five minutes. This warms the waffle and softens the caramel to a sticky puddle of sweetness. Just a little crisp, just a little warm, just a little sweet...ohhh so comforting!

Look for them at specialty food stores and import stores. If you live in New England, you can find them at The Concord Cheese Shop in Concord, Massachusetts, OR you can find them at the brand new Cost Plus World Market (Natick/Framingham, MA), OR order online from Cost Plus World Market!


  1. Now I know! Thank you very much, Kate! I think I even know where to start looking for them here in already sunny California.

  2. You can sometimes even find them at Starbucks. Delicious!


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