Dancing in the Sunlight

To get from one of the larger cities near us to home, I take one particular route most of the time. It's a pretty drive that passes through an historic village and goes past centuries old homes, barns and farmland, a babbling brook, and many other quintessential New England beauties. While flying along that well-traveled road the other day, something caught my eye. And in an instant I had past the property, and wasn't quite sure if I'd really seen what I thought I had. I made a mental note to check the next time.

A few days later, I was headed home again, so I slowed as I passed that property. Sure enough. It was an entire slope of daffodils! But alas, no camera with me!

Yesterday, knowing I was going that way, I brought the camera along. I pulled in at the drive, where the lady of the house was outside with her mother and son. I told her I SO admired her daffodils, and asked if she'd mind if I took a few pictures. She sweetly let me and answered all my questions. She and her mother planted them all last fall. They used a trencher to cut rows because there were so many bulbs. It begged the inevitable question, "How many did you plant?" The answer...7,500!

They talked of planting up into the woods for next year. I hope so!

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