A Good Day's Work

Yesterday, Colette and I went adventuring (more on that later). And today, both Max and Colette had the day off work, so we spent the day quietly at home. But a day's adventuring means there's two day's worth of homekeeping tasks to do:

- to-do list for the day done first
- downstairs bathroom cleaned
- master bath tub and sink scrubbed and counters and mirrors cleaned
- five laundry loads of clothing washed
- sheets washed and dried and beds remade
- towels washed and dried
- the dog got a good brushing
- downstairs dusted
- wood floors swept
- downstairs carpet and rugs vacuumed
- meals arranged for a family having a baby this week
- new soup recipe, Southwestern Cream of Soup, made for dinner (quite delicious!). Click here to get the recipe.

And in and between and through it all, we continued plugging away on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and we talked politics all day long.

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