Hudson's Golden Gem

I like to try out new (to me) heirloom apples from local orchards. We're so accustomed to having a choice of maybe eight different apple varieties at our local supermarkets. But in past centuries, there were thousands of varieties from which to choose. I have the greatest admiration for the orchardists who nurture and propagate these rare apples for their preservation for future generations.

This autumn, I discovered one with which I'm completely smitten! It's called Hudson's Golden Gem.

It's skin is not tough, but is slightly textured. It's quite round in shape. It's nice and crisp. And best of all, it tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear! My apple reference book even says that in a blind taste test, it can be mistaken for a pear. It's good for: eating, pie, and cider.

Ask around and see if one of your local orchards grow Hudson's Golden Gem. If you live in New Hampshire, you can find them at Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, and Gould Hill Orchard in Contoocook...and probably more, but at least those orchards. Happy apple picking!

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