The Original Boston Cream Pie

I volunteer with our town's historical society. And tonight we're having a speaker on our town's link to the famous Parker House Hotel in Boston. Feeling inspired, all of us lady volunteers decided we should make Boston Cream Pie for the dessert portion of the evening, since the Parker House Hotel created that recipe and is famous for it.

But only I...yep, just me...was crazy enough to attempt the original recipe. It has consumed two days of my life, and involved two trips to the store (have I mentioned that the nearest grocery store is a 30 minute drive?), and learning some new skills. Did you know it's possible to whip egg yolks to peaks? Yes, it is. But the peak of an egg yolk is a smooth ribbon running from your beater, not a stiff peak like an egg white. 

It also involved a lot of folding of ingredients into other ingredients, ever so lightly, so as not to lose it's lightness. And I did it authentically, with a wooden spatula, as the recipe specified.

But in the end, I think I have succeeded! Due to a sweetening of the palette over time, I think people will find it not as sweet as they are used to, but the cake is suitably sponge-y, the custard suitably egg-y (sort of like a creme brulee), and the chocolate topping...well, I substituted ganache for the original recipe's it will be sublimely chocolate-y.

If you are feeling ambitious, here's the link to the recipe on the hotel's website.  Or, you can just stop in a the Parker House Hotel next time you're in Boston and sample theirs. It's the best! I tip my hat to the chef who makes those little individual ones every day!


  1. I am sure that it is delicious! And I know that it is beautiful!
    Great job, Kate! (Was it worth all of the effort? I hope you got to sample it!)

    1. You're sweet!

      Yes, I did get to sample it. It was fine, although I preferred the sweetness of another that I sampled. I really do think that's just an historic difference between our forefathers and ourselves. But I didn't bring any home, so I guess it was a success.


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