Finding a New Daily Rhythm

Something has seemed a little off kilter in my world. It's late August and no school planning is taking place, because we are all done homeschooling. Hmm...what's going to give me that feel of the changing of the seasons? Well, since we live in New England, that's not going to be too difficult to figure out. But what about the daily rhythm? With the exception of my life before kindergarten and a period of eight years between college graduation and the start of our homeschooling, every other year of my life has been characterized in September by the start of the school year. It's what heralds the return to routine, and discipline, and productivity. It's what's kept us from sinking into an abyss of endless summer with no responsibilities. It's grounded us. It's grounded me.

Time for a new plan. So, the current plan, which has been working for a whopping two weeks (so, I'm not quite ready to declare it a success) looks something like this:

Mornings (roughly from 6:30 until noon) are reserved for my personal and homekeeping duties: quiet times, exercise, quick bits of computer work, gardening, laundry, menu planning, preserving all the produce from the garden, etc.

And the time after lunch (roughly from 1:00 to 6:00) is reserved for sewing.

It seems to work pretty well, as long as I can stay home most days. So, the weekly plan is to attempt to only leave home on Sundays and Thursdays (and sometimes on Saturdays). Thursdays are dedicated to grocery shopping and volunteer work.

I pledged "nose to the grindstone" a couple of weeks ago, and so good!


  1. I'm amazed that you found this new "rhythm" so soon!!! Good for you. It took me a couple of years to get into a new routine after homeschooling! Love your blog and Etsy shop. : )

    1. Hi, Mary. Well, I must confess that about five years ago, I looked around at my friends who were struggling to adjust to post-homeschooling life, and decided that I couldn't get to this point and wonder what on earth to do with myself. I needed to have something that took "some" time (but not much) that would slowly ramp up to something more once our youngest graduated. Hence, my Etsy shops! So, perhaps that's made the adjustment a bit easier.

  2. I'm inspired! September is my favorite month because of a return to productivity. My youngest is attending community college in our town so I've been doing the same tweaking... She's still home at night, but she's not a kid anymore.
    September has become spray-painting month (less humidity, hot days, no falling leaves or needles or pollen to stick to projects) preparing to list items on Craigslist and Ebay before Christmas.

    SEW ON, Kate!

    deb meyers

    1. Ahhh...great idea! I have a couple of outdoor light fixture that could use a new coat of spray paint. I should get on that. Thanks for the tip!

      Yes, keeping up with the schedules of adult kids can be quite challenging, can't it? Their increasing freedom seems like it ought to translate to more freedom for mom, but sometimes it feels like I'm just required to be more flexible. I don't think I was expecting that.

  3. You were very wise to prepare yourself ahead of time. I wish I had done that. I'm sure the transition would have been much easier. It's OK now though. : ) Have a good upcoming week.


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