Spring in New England

Before spring completely slips away into summer, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite New England scenes from this year.  If you follow me on Instagram (username: goodwifeh), you may have seen some of these, but some I've saved for this posting.  Enjoy!


  1. You have captured the essence of New England Kate...loved seeing these photos, can look at again and again! Thx for the apron love! ;)

    1. Thanks, Jeanne! Happy to bring a little New England spring to your current corner of the world! When you get back here, everything will look very different from these photos. Everything's quite lush and green now. The daffodils and tulips have mostly stopped blooming, the lilacs are blooming now, and my peonies are full of buds...but no flowers yet. They say southern New Hampshire is in "a slight drought", which being from very brown southern California, just makes me laugh! Four feet(!) of snow melted into the ground just a couple of months ago, so how on earth is that possible?!?! But I guess it's all based on rainfall, and we're quite behind. Currently, in the midst of a mini-heat wave (temps in the high 80's), but thunderstorms, cooler temps, and rain are in the forecast ahead. And there's your weather and gardening report from New England. :-) Have a beautiful day!


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