Signs of Spring

For the last two days, we've had unseasonably warm it hit 62 degrees!  The snow is melting fast.  Puddles, puddles everywhere.  I think we lost about six inches of snow pack overnight.  Yesterday, I saw two chipmunks.  We rediscovered one of our rock's been missing since late-January.  And sap buckets can be seen hanging from maple trees all over town!  Maple syrup season is upon us!

And with all of these signs of spring, came a sense of urgency.  I did a mental inventory of everything on my plate between now and mid-June and immediately made a mile-long to-do list.  Sigh.  Goodbye to the quietness of winter.  I'll miss you.


  1. It is so exciting when we turn the corner of winter and spring is within sight! We've gotten considerably warmer here on the plains as well. The tips of my daffodils are peeking up!

  2. Happy Almost Spring to you! (Back into the low 30's here today though = reality.)


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