Gently Easing into Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!  While some of you may already be enjoying warm temperatures and green grass, things are a bit different here in northern New England.  I've learned to take a cue from the natural world in embracing the coming spring.  No flowers outside yet...temperatures still in the 30's.  So, I've learned to slowly and gently embrace spring, and take it as it comes.

Today, I sorted through my scarf drawer and pulled to the top all the ones in beautiful spring colors.  I will still need to bundle up for a few more weeks, but I can freshen up the wardrobe with lighter, brighter colors.

And as spring shows itself in tiny ways here, I made tiny changes.  The first day of spring means it's time to lighten up the tiny steps.  Today, I turned the antique coverlet to it's lighter side.  It shows its indigo side in autumn and winter.

One of the hallmarks of early spring in New England is sugar season!  The sap is running and the sugar houses are busy making syrup...perfuming the air with sticky sweet steam and wood smoke!  I was thrilled to find this antique Currier & Ives print with its depiction of sugaring off time from long ago.  It reminds me that springtime in New England is what it is...cold, but wonderful in its own way!

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