Dappled Copper Leaves

Unlike the rest of the deciduous trees in New England that go out in a blaze of splendor in the autumn of the year, the beech trees tenaciously cling to their leaves all through the winter.  They hold tightly to them through all the snows of winter, through all the ice that coats them.  Soon, on one particularly breezy spring day, they will blow away and be replaced by fresh, new leaves.  But for now, I'm enjoying their glorious dappled copper color, made even more vibrant by a day of rain.

And I'm a bit captivated by how the leaves are almost an exact match to the cedar shingles on the garden shed.


  1. I think you might mean beech trees? Birch leaves are more wedge-shaped.

  2. Oh goodness! Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Don't blog while sleepy...lesson learned! Thanks so much for catching that!


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