Burgers, Linen, Couture, and Chocolate

Colette and I had a Mother-Daughter Day in Boston today.  The necessity of the trip was purchasing linen and buttons, but as long as we're leaving the country for the Big City, we might as well do it up right!

First stop was to taste test the burgers at Shake Shack.  As native southern California girls, we do miss our In-n-Out burgers, and hope springs eternal that we might find some burger close to it here in New England.  (Five Guys just doesn't do it for us.)  But Shake Shack...well...it's almost as good!  (Leave me a comment, if you want to hear my full analysis.)

Then it was off to the button shop for buttons and to the fabric shop for linen!  Yard and yards of white linen to line a stack of projects on my sewing table.  So happy to have finally procured this!

Then on to the Ralph Lauren store.  Ahh...enter "the world of Ralph Lauren", as the commercial before "Downton Abbey" tempts us.  So beautiful!  Really, I go here to admire the fabrics and construction...just incredible!  Oh...and the decor is really lovely!

This lace, knee-length jacket was simply gorgeous!  Lace, an otherwise limp fabric, was backed with a semi-stiff tulle, giving the lace some structure.  Brilliant!  

Despite the piles of snow outside, the front window was trying to sell us resort wear.  The blue dress was lovely!

Then we walked around the corner and grabbed some dark hot chocolate to go at L.A. Burdick.  A fine ending to a really fun day!

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