Inspiration Board

In my sewing room, just above the ironing board where I spend so much of my time pinning and pressing, is a large (4' x 4') bulletin board.  It used to live in our schoolroom when we lived in California.  But after moving here, it just didn't fit in a good place in the schoolroom, so I gave it a facelift and appropriated it for the sewing room.  (To see the posting on its redo, click here.)

Now it's my inspiration board!

I pin: ideas for future sewing projects, business cards from my favorite fabric and trim shops in New York City and Los Angeles, a couple family photos, Christmas stocking patterns, and much more!

This little treasure of an antique J and P Coats advertisement depicts Revolutionary War soldiers wearing uniforms just like I make for my Etsy shop.

With my passion for velvet ribbons, I simply had to post this picture...and most especially because it's from a magazine article on one of my very favorite shops, Gilding the Lily in Fullerton, CA.  Do stop in if you are ever in the area!  They have the most gorgeous selection of vintage velvet ribbons anywhere!  Just look at those colors!  Some of the greens came home with me last time.  No one makes greens in those colors anymore.  A delicious find!

This ruggedly handsome fellow is there to remind me to make Christmas stockings, every year, for someone who looks like this.  Really!  And the snippet of leather is for a future experiment.  Can my machine stitch through soft leather?  Someday, I'm going to try.  Welcoming any tips!

The cockade from Max's tricorn hat when he was a little boy.  Someday, I'll offer these in the shop.  Oh!  And that beautifully lettering on the gray paper is my new 2015 hymn  calendar from a fabulous Etsy shop.  I love reading and re-reading the words while I work there. There are still some in stock, if you want here.

And beside snippets of ribbon sent to me by my dear friend (shop owner at One Small Story), is this antique photograph.  Don't you just love it?  Who were they?  A young married couple, perhaps?  But what an attitude she has!  Whew!  Looks like a woman to be reckoned with, if you ask me.  And what a perfect, gorgeous fit to that garment!  I so admire the skill and work to get a fit like that.  And that fabulous brooch pinned to her skirt...such an unusual and distinctive touch.  The woman's got style!

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