Soup Season

The New Year has begun, and as is typical of January in New England, it is wicked cold!  Brrrr...wind howling about the eaves, snow flurries, the sun never creeping too high from the horizon. Bundle up when you go out, and sit by the fire when you stay in.

And I'm down with a head cold.  Not incapacitating, but tiring.  Yesterday, with a snow squall moving through, and while I still had some energy, I set about in the morning to make soups.  Soup day at our house!

First, it was to take the chicken carcass from Sunday's roast chicken dinner and turn it into nourishing broth.  So simple, and makes the house smell so comforting!  When finished, it was divided up into 2 cup portions and frozen for soups for weeks to come.

I'm the only one in our household who likes butternut squash soup.  Fine with me!  I made a whole crockpot full of it all for myself, and froze it in cup size portions.  My favorite lunch last winter was: a cup of butternut squash soup, a hunk of Vermont sharp cheddar, and a salad of field greens.  Yum!  But how can one not like this soup?  The ingredients are so elegant!

Even the scraps in the sink are beautiful!

And then it was on to French onion soup for that evening's dinner.  Such humble ingredients, but so tasty!

The onions are just starting to caramelize.

A full morning's work provided a freezer full of goodness and dinner already made.  Win, win!


  1. Kate - Taking today after a very busy Christmas season to visit some of my favorite blogs. So sorry you have a cold. But glad you were well enough to put together some soup AND that your clean up from the holidays is complete so you can "enjoy" down time without that looming in the background. We haven't put away Christmas decorations yet because this coming Sunday is our children's (all adults) day to have their annual Pollyanna Exchange. Each year at our Pumpkin Carving night in the barn pollyannas are chosen. My husband and I give each couple small gifts at Christmas, but our "big" gift to them is to take one couple out alone for dinner each week leading up to Christmas, so numbers are also chosen as to which week is will be the dinner week for each couple. So far, this works for us - but we want to be flexible as the "needs" of each family changes. And dinner conversation out can be quite different than when we are all at home for Sunday dinners (when 12 grandchildren are creating joyful chaos!). Thank you, Kate, for sharing your thoughts, home, and family with your readers. Your blog is always a quiet, restful place and a breath of fresh air for me. God bless you and yours in the New Year. You are prayed for. - Esther in , NJ

  2. What a delightful and meaningful tradition that is! I'm quite inspired! I really do think there's so little written and/or shared about being the parents to adult children, and that's a shame because they're only little for such a short time, but we relate to them as adult children for a long time (Lord willing).

    Thank you for sharing! God's blessings upon your and yours in 2015!


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