Recommended Winter Cookbooks

At the start of each season, I search through my cookbook collection and pull out seasonally appropriate ones to set on the kitchen counter and to cook from for the next few months.

This year, I've added these two new ones.  They are full of warm and cozy recipes, and I can't wait to try some out!  "Long Nights and Log Fires" is particularly tempting!

And these tried and true ones were already in my collection.  Every recipe I've tried from "The Ski House Cookbook" has been a hit with the family!  The chocolate chip bar cookie recipe is particularly tasty, and I like to have a freshly baked pan of them just out of the oven when my kids come back from a long day on the slopes.

1 comment:

  1. These cook books look perfect for a cold winter's night. I love winter's savory comfort food! All the soups, stews and other hearty meals.


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