Preparing Comforts

As I type this, the snow is softly falling outside.  But it's really expected to intensify overnight and I'm looking forward to awakening to a world transformed in the morning! 

Today, however, was spent in preparing comforts.  Time to take stock and make sure everything we needed was ready.  Out here in the country, we frequently lose power, and a storm like this could mean several days running on generator power.  It could mean downed trees and power lines.  It could just be a lot of snow.  Any way, it was time to prepare for every family comfort possible.  

The essentials are on hand: gas for the generator, candles, batteries, lamp oil, ice melt.

And then there is the pantry:  oatmeal, M&M's (for some reason, my family considers this is absolutely essential for a big storm), hot cocoa fixings, ingredients for cinnamon rolls, soup, and more.

And just for good measure, I baked a dozen blueberry muffins today.

There.  Everything is in order.  Let the storm come!


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