Peaceful Order

Photo taken at Old Sturbridge Village.
Well.  Our lives have been simply filled to the brim with festivities...two parties, Christmas, and one birthday celebration in the span of eleven days.  Today was the day to step back, take a deep breath, and put everything in order.  

- All the furniture was finally returned to place after the Gatsby party.
- The Christmas tree was de-decorated and pitched outdoors.
- Pine needles were swept and vacuumed.
- The Christmas wreath on the front door was replaced with the winter wreath.
- The last of the party horns and unopened champagne bottles were stored.
- The present wrapping station was disassembled.
- Every last sprig of holly, pine boughs, and dying paperwhites were done away with.
- Important dates were transferred to the 2015 calendar.
- Homeschooling lesson plans were done for the month.

The house is clean and tidy.  It's amazing how putting everything in order can bring such peace to one's mind and spirit.


  1. January simplicity IS nice. And a Gatsby party sounds so fun! Was that what you did for new year's eve? I still need to get my Christmas put away. I give myself til Epiphany to do that (January 6) it's getting close!

  2. Yes, the Gatsby party was a New Year's Eve affair.

    I like to have everything down by the 2nd. But with the Gatsby party, everything except the tree came down earlier this year. Fine with me! I love putting it up and I love taking it down.


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