Fabrics, Ribbons, and a New Year

And with the dawn of the New Year comes the ever-dreaded task of doing inventory for my Etsy shops.  But like most tasks, it is not without its bright side!  I got to feel all the wonderful fabrics, stack them neatly, sort out and categorize them more efficiently, and dream up new projects!

Linens in small quantities were taken off the shelf and removed to the upstairs "scrap" box.

I love this stack of velvets, velveteen, and velvet-like upholstery fabrics.

My passion for velvet reaches its zenith with velvet ribbons!  My box quite overflows!

At long last, everything was measured and began taking their accustomed, or new, places on the shelves.

A clean sewing table is a welcome sight, and makes me feel a tad bit triumphant and ready to start the New Year!

First projects on the task list are colonial boys' costumes!  Lord willing, there will be a couple in the shop by the end of the week.

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