Icy Morning and Cozy Afternoon

One of the great wonders of living in New England, at least for me, is that you can go to bed one night and the world looks one way, and wake up to find the world has completely transformed overnight.  Things like that don't happen in California.  But here, you go to bed with your home surrounded by grass, and wake up to find it's surrounded by snow, without a blade of grass to be seen.  Last night we went to bed with snow softly falling outside, and awoke to find everything encased in a coating of ice.  So captivating!

Well, "when the weather outside is frightful, the fire is so delightful", so I cozied up in a comfortable chair with pen, paper, my calendar, Christmas choir music playing from my phone, a little cookbook inspiration and did some planning for this month.  The week's menus and grocery list planned.  Christmas dinner planned.  All the food gifts we're packaging for shipping planned. And the savories and sweets planned for our annual Christmas party.

Those lemon Christmas tree-shaped cookies are part of the plan!  Yum!

I hope you had a pleasant day!

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