Thanksgiving Preparations

"The harvesting of pumpkins--the gobbling of turkeys and the fattening of pigs--the buying and selling of eggs--a moderate rise in the price of molasses and spices--an increased demand for lace, ribbons & dancing pumps--the hurrying of tailors, milliners, and mantuamakers--frequent and important consultations of young gentlemen--whispering, flushed faces, and anxious looks among young ladies--an increase of publishments--a saving of weddings, that may safely be postponed--a consequent scarcity of wedding cake in printing offices--and, lastly, a string of Proclamations announcing the 27th day of November as a day of Thanksgiving in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont."

--from the New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette (Nov. 10th, 1834)


  1. What a beautiful fall bounty! wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving :)


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