Busy Beavers

There's an expression that goes something like this: In a small town, there isn't much to see, but what you hear more than makes up for it!  Humorous, but quite true.  Well, all the talk in our small town these days is about "the beavers".  Everyone's talking about "the beavers".  Have you seen what the beavers have been doing?  Do you know about the beavers?  Have you seen the latest from the beavers?  They are the talk of the town!  But in this case, there's something to see too!

About a mile's walk from our house, the beavers have built a very fine dam.  It extends maybe 40-ft. or more off through a swampy area and has caused the water to rise quite dramatically.  Some of the talk in town is speculation about whether or not the road the swamp borders is being undermined by all this activity.  Others talk of how previous beaver residents built a dam of this type, and eventually the road was even underwater. Some speculate that the current beaver residents will be relocated.  But the prevailing sentiment is to let the beavers be!

And this is the beavers' lodge.  A very fine one indeed!  I'm quite certain that Mrs. Beaver is in there...busy at her sewing machine, of course.

And THIS is where the beavers work!...giving credence to the "busy as a beaver" expression.  Amazing work!

All this busyness, and yet I've never seen the beavers.  I've never even heard of anyone who has.  A foot of fresh snow and cold, cold temperatures have covered their lodge with snow and coated the swamp with a thin layer of ice.  All this should insure the beavers can go quietly about their business all winter...the business of gnawing trees, building dams, and being the talk of the town.


  1. Good morning. I loved hearing about the beavers. I will show my son your pictures when he gets home from school. Nature is so cool!

  2. Oh good! I was hoping my readers would share them with their children! Such a rare glimpse at some serious beaver work.


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