Stocking up for Winter

The pantry shelves and freezer stockpile were looking decidedly sparse around here.  Hmm...time to fix that situation.  Some changes would have to be made in the weekly menu planning and the grocery shopping.

Change #1: Plan one meal a week purposely to provide leftovers.  Leftovers are to be served for another meal that week, or popped into the freezer.

Change #2: Purchase one item a week just for the purpose of adding it to the pantry shelves.  Sometimes it's an item on sale.  Sometimes it's just something that catches my eye.  Recently added items include the following canned goods: coconut milk, diced green chilies, chicken noodle soup, and tomato juice.

Change #3: Plan one meal a week that is made in a large quantity, or somehow provides something that can be put in the freezer.  Bolognese sauce is planned for this week. Other recent additions to the freezer include: 6 c. of pesto (made from basil from the garden), enough pizza sauce for 17 pizzas, about 12 c. of chicken stock (made from the carcasses of chickens I've cooked in the crockpot for dinner), and a bushel of corn husked, blanched, chilled, cut off, and frozen in 17 meal-size portions.

It always delights me to see the ears of corn swimming in the big, farmhouse sink!

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