Welcome Autumn!

This may become known as the autumn in which no orange pumpkins entered our home.  So far...no one's complaining.  And I'm enjoying the serene and understated autumn touch this assortment is adding to our mantle and tables.

We ushered in this first day of autumn with a comforting dinner of chicken and dumplings with apple pie bars for dessert.  What did you do to celebrate the autumn equinox?


  1. That does look lovely. I do see a touch of orange on the green pumpkin! I haven't been able to give up on my orange pumpkins yet!

  2. Haha. I wondered if anyone would notice that. Believe me, I purposely chose that one because it had the least amount of orange on it in the whole BIG stack of them! Nothing wrong with orange pumpkins, that's for sure! Orange just doesn't blend as well in my house, so this year I decided to try something different.

  3. Kate!! These are gorgeous! I am lost in your IG feed... as usual. Such a talented photographer. xox, Emily


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