The Garden Tour - Stop #2

Journeying just down the road and around the corner from our last stop, we come to stop #2 on our tour, this beautifully tranquil garden.

Here's what the homeowners/gardeners had to say about their landscape:

"More than thirty years ago, John and Maude cleared their land and began building their home.  The gardens quickly emerged, drawing inspiration from English border gardens and Maude's work as an artist who is intrigued with texture, color, and design.  A soft palette and flowing shapes are used to create tranquility.  Stone walls and granite pieces complement the New England countryside...There are many places for quiet reflection..."

Walking around the house, we find windowboxes overflowing with seasonal blooms...

...and from the patio, was a glimpse of the flower borders beyond.  What a lovely spot that would be to dine!

Heading off the patio and onto the expansive lawn, we come upon this amazingly tranquil, classic New England scene.

And now for the amazing, enormous flower bed!  Just a gorgeous array of foliage!

Having moved from very-paved-over-with-concrete southern California just a few short years ago, I still delight in the New England way of incorporating natural stone (in lieu of concrete) into the landscaping.  So much prettier and more in harmony with the surrounding countryside.

The kitchen garden!

Leaving the kitchen garden, we stroll around the back side of the enormous flower bed to find squash vines!  I love it!  I love the way the homeowners have let them grow with wild abandon, as squash are wont to do.  I spied some choice orbs growing amongst the folliage.

Past the squash vines and around the far end of the flower bed brings us back onto the lawn and by those tempting Adirondack chairs again.  Aren't they just calling your name?  "Come sit a while," they seem to say.  The lady of the house was chatting with visitors as I passed by, and I overheard her say, "We wanted the garden to be intentional, but relaxed."  I would say they have succeeded completely!

Next stop on the tour is a garden in town.  Come back tomorrow to continue the journey.

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