The Garden Tour - Stop #1

There is a wonderful and valuable organization called The Garden Conservancy, which is a "non-profit organization dedicated to preserving exceptional gardens and landscapes."  Every year, the conservancy hosts Open Garden Days across America, where private gardens are open to the general public (for a small admission fee).  If you click on the link above, it will take you to their website, and you can check to see if there are still some Open Garden Days scheduled this year in your area of the country.

I recently attended the Monadnock Region's Open Garden Days here in New Hampshire.  What a joy!  What beauty!  I went to all six on the schedule for that day, and will be blogging about each one in this "gardening week" on my blog.  So, come along on the tour as we discover some of the prettiest gardens in New Hampshire!

We will join the many other parked cars along the quiet, country road, and we'll set out on foot up the long, tree-lined driveway.

I like houses even more than gardens, so here's a glimpse at the home, a 1763 cape.

We'll skirt around to the left side of the house to enter the garden through this charming gate.

The owners described their garden as follows...

"We purchased this property thirteen years ago after falling in love with the 1763 cape surrounded by big maples, wandering myrtle, and lichen-covered stone walls.  We set about creating a long, curving perennial border along the stone wall facing west with a view of the rolling hills beyond as a backdrop.  Over the years, the character of the border has evolved from traditional perennials to a mixture of perennials, shrubs, bulbs, ornamental annuals, and specialty trees.  Tried-and-true heirloom plantings with newer and more unusual plants have been used to create an eclectic, yet harmonized landscape..."

From the round arbor you pass under as your go through the gate, to the round stonework under the gate, to the design of the garden, curving lines seemed to be the hallmark of this garden design.

Throughout the garden tour, I enjoyed seeing how the different gardeners defined spaces by the use of posts and shrubs, in this case, some low granite posts.

A sweet and restful spot with Adirondack chairs and a pond.

I LOVE kitchen gardens!  I thought the idea of growing green beans over the entrance arbor to one was a very clever idea.  How beautiful!

One side of the kitchen garden backed up to the gardening shed, and was the perfect place for growing a tall bank of sunflowers.

Back out into the main garden now, let's just study this for a moment.  What a dazzling array of colors and textures artfully blending here!  Like a painting!  Like painting on a living canvas of foliage!  I was also captivated, throughout all the gardens I toured, at the careful and beautiful placement of natural stone accents, like this granite post topped with two rocks.

Such beautiful and contrasting colors!

Making a mental note to plant some of these eye-catching flowers.

That concludes the tour of this garden.  Come back tomorrow, and we'll journey to another just around the corner.

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