Garden Tour - Stop #4

While touring another garden, I was asked if I had visited this next one on our tour.  I was told "Oh. My.", and given a look that clearly said, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"  The long line of cars parked along the road testified to the popularity of this stop.  Here's what the homeowner had to say about her garden:

"The garden consists of more than forty garden areas connected by staircases and pebbled or grass walkways, and spread over a twelve-acre site.  They include level spaces and terraced areas designed to accommodate the significant elevation changes on the property.  Styles range from formal near the house to less structured closer to wooded areas, a number of water features including numerous pools and two ponds, and a large perennial garden.  Some striking features are a 300-foot sycamore allee, a series of semi-circular terraces bordered by standard Korean lilacs, an arboretum, and allee of 110 crabapples that border an acre garden, and an orchard of twenty fastigiate hornbeams."

It seems to me that the homeowner has purchased the lot next door and across the street from the main house (shown here) to add to her property and gardens.

As we walk into the driveway, the barn sits directly ahead of us.  We'll check in and pay our $5, and then we're going to walk right through the barn to look down upon the gardens beyond.

And here is the view!  Wow!  This is going to be quite the experience!

The hedges!

The hedges have hedges!

This is truly a masterpiece garden...the sort that might be preserved as a botanical garden and people might pay an admission fee to tour it for years and years to come.  At least, that's what I hope happens to it someday, because it is quite the showpiece.  Someone's  pointing the way for us to go.  Let's go inside the hedge and up the stairs and see what we find.

This is the beautiful scene at the top of the stairs.

The artful beauty of this garden was accented, enhanced, and created by the beautiful statuary.

This was a most impressively long lawn.  Those are people waaaaay down there.

And here's the sycamore allee adjacent to the lawn.

And from the equally beautiful garden across the street...

So beautifully well-planned and well-kept!

On to the next garden tomorrow.

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