Garden Tour - Stop #3

Leaving the quiet, country roads behind, we're going now to visit a garden closer to the center of town.

Charming white house.  Overflowing windowboxes.  White picket fence.  And an open gate inviting us to come inside.

Here's how the owners described their land:

This small garden in the village was designed by a plantsman to be an extension of the house.  The house and garden are situated on a hill and the garden is terraced on three levels.  The upper level was designed to be enjoyed from the street.  The middle level is laid our formally using yew hedges and a century-old granite wall foundation.  The lowest level is an informal woodland garden...The garden was planted with a mixture of unusual trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, annuals, and bulbs.  Plants were selected primarily for interesting foliage and textures.

Turning left through the garden gate, we meander past the gently curving flowerbeds in the front yard. 

I love the juxtaposition of these two plants!

Once at the end of the front yard's beds, we arrive at a fine, granite walkway leading us to discover more.  So down those steps and through the archway we go.

Arriving at the next level of the garden, the first thing that caught my eye was this solid granite slab utilized as a bench.  Just beautiful!

One of my favorite flowers of the day!

And yet another arbor leads beyond.

This garden was a series of unfolding levels, as the whole property is steeply pitched.  In the middle of the far right of this photo, you can see someone walking one or two levels below the level with the Adirondack chairs.  It really is a masterful use of steep land!

The homeowners/gardeners have done a brilliant job of criss-crossing their property with beautiful and narrow green ribbons of lawn and artfully designed borders.

Tomorrow we'll visit the largest of the gardens on the tour!

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